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Taiwan Artificial Intelligence Association (AIA) was founded in 2020 as a leading purpose-driven organization for promoting the commercialization of AI applications and advanced AI digital transformation for national and global industries.


Our objectives:
  1. AI industry development: to promote advanced technology innovation, field testing, validation, verification, etc.

  2. AI talent nurturing: to develop professionals with rich skill sets and to meet market needs, thereby improving general industrial competitiveness.

  3. AI guidance/consultancy: to identify forward-looking issues, to provide a business framework and roadmaps, and to facilitate policy development with strategic partners.

  4. AI interdisciplinary synergy: to foster future industrial transformation and revolution through cross-functional partnership, research collaboration, technology exchange, professional conferences, events, site visits, etc.

  5. Other outreach projects and tasks aligned with our vision.

Our Mission :
  1. To offer an information platform for artificial Intelligence in Taiwan.

  2. To create an AI-Ecosystem culture that elevates regional artificial Intelligence innovation and problem-solving activity.

  3. To collaborate among industries, government, universities, and research institutes.

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